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Maxine’s Bio

An Indianapolis, Indiana native Maxine M. Thomas exemplifies the true definition of a servant leader in the community. Currently, she is earning her Associates Degree in Humanities at Ivy Tech Community College of Central Indiana, while building relationships of change agents.

Since 2013, she has been actively engaged in The Julian Center Circles of Support Initiative as a Circle Leader. Circles inspire and equip families and communities to resolve poverty and thrive. She believes that no one should live in poverty and families must take an active role in changing their communities.

In 2014, Maxine was one of three Circles Leaders who were selected to represent The Julian Center Circles of Support at the Annual RESULTS International Conference in Washington, D.C. Along with other advocates; she is improving access to education, health, and economic opportunity by sharing her personal story of triumph. She is passionate and committed and uses her voice to influence political change.

She has served as a health clinic volunteer, a Director of Grand steppers Drill Team for Phillips Temple, engaged in the Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood Association and aided as the Past Vice President for the 2nd Episcopal District of Central Indiana, Ohio & Kentucky Young Adults in Christ. She is enthusiastic about her community engagement and has strived to do her best. She has strong leadership skills and has made significant contributions to the overall success of rearing and developing future leaders.

Recently, The Sanctuary Church appointed her as the Leader of the Culinary Ministry. Throughout her experiences, she has learned that making a significant change can seem impossible and at the very least takes a lot of work. She is continuously thinking of ways in which she can impact the lives of people around her.

She lives in Indianapolis and have four boys and one daughter.

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