Who Lives In Poverty

All those who make less than the Federal government’s official poverty threshold. . . which for a family of four is $23,834.00. People working at minimum wage, even holding down several jobs. Seniors living on fixed incomes. Wage earners suddenly out of work. Millions of families everywhere from our cities to rural communities.

Poverty does not strike all demographics equally. For example, in 2013, 13.1% of men lived in Poverty USA, but 15.8% of women. Along the same lines, the poverty rate for married couples in 2013 was only 5.8%–but the poverty rate for single-parent families with no wife present was up to 15.9%, and for single-parent families with no husband present over 30%.

And though poverty is often perceived as a problem of urban environments and inner cities, the poverty rate in metropolitan areas (14.2%) is actually lower than the poverty rate in rural areas (16.1%).

In 2013, the poverty rate for people living with a disability was 28.8%. That’s 4.35 million people living with a disability—in poverty.

To learn about poverty rates by state and county, and detailed poverty rates for varying demographics, visit the Interactive Poverty Map.

Sources: Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2013, U.S. Census Bureau


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